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Roland AIRA Unveiled

The much talked about and long waited Roland AIRA has today be unveiled. AIRA is a range of new instruments which bring back some of Roland's legendary sounds and features but injects and fuses them with modern technology creating a group of instruments that every synth fanatic would want in their studio.

There are 4 items in the AIRA range including:

  • SYSTEM-1 Plug-Out Synthesizer
  • TR-8 rhythm Performer
  • TB-3 Touch Bassline Synth
  • VT-3 Voice Transformer

SYSTEM-1: A unique 4 voice synthesizer modelled on the likes of the System 700. Plenty of backlit sliders and knobs to tweak to sounds to perfection with a sleek moody green/black look. Plug-Out is innovative new tech which allows the SYSTEM-1 to control soft synths as well as host them - yes, host soft synths!. There is an SH101 soft synth coming which then allows users to switch between the SYSTEM-1 sounds and the SH101. Incredible!

TR-8: Based on the original TR808 and 909 drum machines the TR-8 offers incredible versatility with sound mod controls for each drum part. A more modern step sequencer design based on the original TR808 makes this very authentic to the original but with the functionality such a machine would have in todays market. Sounds are rather incredible and users can create kits by mixing sounds from either 808/909 sounds. A lot of people will get to love the Scatter feature which helps create rhythmic variations in realtime including glitches/ stutter etc.

TB-3: Based on the original TB sounds such as the TB303 this is a powerful bass/ synth machine. Making use of Touch sensitive pads notes can be triggered and modified with the touch of a single finger! Modulations and performance switching can all be performed by adjusting the pressure of your finger and movement of the finger. There is of course a step sequencer and over 200 preset patches to choose from. This is a 1 part synth with some cutting edge sounds and incredible live versatility.

VT-3: Voice transformer with a true XLR balanced input with phantom power. Vocals can be modified into robotic type sounds and vocoder esque tones with the intuitive hands on controls. Again with a Scatter function vocals can be glitched and stuttered for a range of live effects and performance options.

The entire Roland AIRA range has a plethora of other features such as built in USB audio and MIDI transfer on every device along with midi clock for synchronisation between devices. each item is designed with a sleek black case and ambient green LED lighting around dials and sliders which is perfect for performance. The AIRA range of products is due to be released towards the end of March 2014 and should be very appealing for many users.

Thu, 13 Feb 2014 17:09:10 GMT

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